ActaMedical is web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and practice management system. As EMR solution it helps you to manage patient flow, communicate with the referring specialists electronically and access medical records both remotely and in-house. As practice management system it enables you to schedule appointments, manage workflow, generate reports, etc. ActaMedical offers role-based access to internal information and provides multilingual support.

EMR database

Actamedical enables collecting in its EMR database and reviewing such information as patient past visits, histories, allergies, current medications, diagnostic and labs tests, etc. System offers several charts for data about patient visits including single view of patient’s medical history.


ActaMedical Dashboard provides specialists and managers with real-time information about tasks, appointments, checked out documents, etc. as well as analytical information across the business for executives.

Workflow management

ActaMedical solution assists in management of sophisticated relationships and project-based activities allowing to track your business cycles easily. Workflow management module enables you to store and control of whole project information, from client request, series of referring tasks to analytical reports at one place.

Appointment scheduling and resource planning

ActaMedical calendar allows your company planning appointments easy and quickly, managing all sorts of recurring appointments and setting reminders for them, sharing calendar with assistants. Retrieval and grouping capabilities provide visualization of planning specialists or medical cabinets.

Document management

ActaMedical document management module provides your work on medical documents with collaboration capabilities. Check-out and check-in operations prevent simultaneous document changes. Versioning enables you to continue work from any earlier version or reference a previous one. Retrieval and sorting capabilities save your time on searching needed information.

Client areas

Client area enables your customers to login and view their request history and details, to monitor their request workflow and add notes if necessarily. Client area Dashboard provides your customers with real-time information about upcoming appointments, works in progress, ready for download medical reports, etc.

Reporting and analytics

To track key metrics across the business you can use such Actamedical reports as Working time analysis report, Specialists workload report, etc. To measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns you can use marketing analytics charts, i.e. Top 5 clients chart, New vs. old clients chart, Clients by cities chart, etc.

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