Delivery Process

Usually, Actamedical solution delivery process involves various specialists both on our and your side. Our team representatives, your Informatics staff, one or more user departments, and external consultants work together and guide your company from the solution purchase to use of the software. As a customer-oriented company, we use our best practices to move your initiative in business automation with Actamedical from concept to reality.

Project Initiation

Starting your business automation project with Actamedical is quite simple: just contact us and outline your needs and expectations or schedule online demonstration. Our consultant will reach you within one business day to refine the set of requirements and/or confirm the appointment for online demonstration. To protect your private information or intellectual property we will execute a NDA before you furnish any confidential information.

Project Evaluation and Planning

This stage includes your requirements analysis, determining the scope, the approach, the resources needed, creating a high-level plan for the project and contracting. It will result in the creation of documents that identify the objectives and custom functionality which will be delivered as part of the project as well as a delivery schedule. These documents will provide an understanding of the detailed functional requirements for the project between your informatics staff, Actamedical team, and the user departments.

Project Design and Development

The purpose of this stage is modeling your business processes, designing and developing the project solution according to your project documents. It includes the custom features development and interface construction, making changes and/or additions to any operational procedures that will be needed to use the completed solution, converting data from your existing system.

QA/Integrated Testing

During this stage the testing work group carries out quality assurance and integrated testing of the completed solution including all interfaces.

Training and Go-Live

This stage covers creating and executing your company training plan, preparing your project team for going live with the completed solution, including the work on dress rehearsal, planning a back-out plan, determining a go-live day plan, training and documenting special internal groups such as Help Desk, Operations Support etc.

Close Out Stage

At this stage your project work group closes out the project formally — develops a project close out summary, transfers all implementation project documentation, identifies responsible party for system maintenance.

For more information about the solution delivery process, please contact ActaMed SA.

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