Customization Services

Our team offers Actamedical solution customization services to make your business automation outcome perfect. Customized Actamedical functionality enables you to leverage the solution unique capabilities and, as a result, fully implement your organizational goals, realize business benefits and increase enterprise value.

Actamedical customization services include

  • User Interface Customization
  • Custom Business Logic Development
  • Workflow Modeling
  • Analytical Reports Development
  • Client Areas Customization
  • Localization

Usually healthcare enterprises embrace sophisticated processes that connect different groups and organizations. These processes include clinical and administrative tasks, large volumes of information, and large quantity of patients and medical specialists. Actamedical basic functionality covers automation of general healthcare processes — administrative and patient-related. But in case your company healthcare processes are distinct from general ones or you have any additional processes, Actamadical customization services are necessary for you.

In working with our specialists — business analytics, project managers and developers — you get the customization services which can help you obtain specific capabilities you need and get the flexibility and functionality your business requires.

For more information about customization services, please contact ActaMed SA.


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