Within training services our team teach your employers how to become more proficient with the Actamedical solution. We provide customers with expert guidance both after the initial implementation stage and after version changing. The training services can be customized according to your unique educational needs.

Actamedical educational process includes:

  • Educational needs evaluation — Studying your company's objectives within current implementation, examining user communities, and recommendations development for helping you achieve your goals.
  • Training media determination and development — Designing and developing work instructions, exercises, final curriculums, any additional documentation and any online systems according to your choice.
  • Training — Teaching your employers and/or your company internal instructor according to scheduled classes.

With Actamedical training services, you can empower your employers to realize their full potential and so improve human performance — and as a result achieve the benefits you expect from your investment in Actamedical.

For more information about training services, please contact ActaMed SA.

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